WOLF truss presses

Development - construction - production


WOLF System truss presses are developed, designed and produced in the company's own mechanical engineering department. The systems are installed ready for operation at the customer by WOLF system technicians.

The WOLF stamp press is particularly suitable for light to medium nail plate constructions. Wireless transmission of data from all common timber construction CAD software packages - including WOLF WIN - through independent machine control.

Technical specifications:

Table widths: 3,65 m - 4,20 m - 4,50 m - 4,80 m
Special widths: on request

Table length:

according to customer requirements
Press plate surface: 460 x 460 mm
Pressing force: max. 40 t
Cylinder stroke: max. 150 mm
Driving speed: max. 1 m/sec.
Cut timber thickness: 30-120 mm
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Laser projection

WOLF truss presses can optionally be equipped with one or two laser projectors, which are mounted on a rigid frame directly on the machine. The projection takes place over the entire width of the table and is limited in length by the mechanical limits of the laser projectors (approx. 6 meters). By connecting the laser projectors to the WOLF machine control, the projection is always displayed in the correct position on the table, regardless of the machine position. This means that longer workpieces can be completely mapped step-by-step by moving the machine.

The projection can optionally be done without nail plates for laying the wood. This can be selected on the control screen. In addition, the projection can take place on the lower edge of the wood (table level) or on the upper edge of the wood. The wood thickness can be taken directly from the CAD data or entered manually. The projection level is switched using a selector switch on the control bottle of the machine. The position of the workpiece on the table can be changed as required with the WOLF machine control (rotate, slide, mirror) and is automatically transferred to the projection.

With the control bottle, the most important functions of the machine and the laser projection can be conveniently operated from the table. The data for the laser projectors are calculated and provided by the WOLF machine control from the CAD file. All wooden edges and nail plates are taken over. All other elements of the CAD file (dimensions, texts, ...) are ignored.

WOLF truss presses - Laser projector

Laser projector

WOLF truss presses - Setting up the truss timbers

Setting up the truss timbers

WOLF truss presses - Positioning the nailplates

Positioning the nailplates

WOLF truss presses - Placement of the nailplates

Placement of the nailplates

The WOLF C-presses are suitable for the production of light nailplate trusses and where space is limited. They can be designed as a travel bridge construction or as a balance arm construction.

It should be noted that no internal knots can be pressed with C-presses!

Technical specifications:

Height: 1.349 mm
Width: 620 mm
Depth: 693 mm
Workspace: ca. 20 m
Track width: ca. 7 m
Pressing force: max. 55 t
Pressing surface: 350 x 620 mm
Cylinder stroke: 200 mm
Weight (including bridge): ca. 2 t

C-Presse - WOLF Binderpressen - WOLF System

The WOLF Quick-Table presses are used for the economical production of small nailplate constructions. Thanks to the robust construction, it is also ideally suited for long-term, long-term use and the ideal addition to the tried and tested WOLF punch and surface presses.

Technische Daten:

Table size: 1,8 x 6,0 m
Working height: 800 mm
Press beam width: 300 mm
Press beam length: 1.800 mm
Pressing force: max. 30 t
Cylinder stroke: 110 mm
Cycle time: ca. 2 sec.
Driving speed: 0,8 m/sec.
Service: Joystick for longitudinal movement
2 manual operations for pressing process
Quick Table Presse - WOLF Binderpressen - WOLF System

WOLF Mobile press MOP 550

The mobile construction site press for the problem-free, quick and safe connection of large, prefabricated nailplate truss elements.

✔ Extremely high pressing force at
✔ relatively low weight
✔ removable chassis
✔ Crane bracket for floating use
✔ Remote control

Technical specifications:

Length: ca. 1100 mm
Width: ca. 800 mm
Height: ca. 1300 mm
Pressing surface: 320 x 550 mm
Cylinder stroke: 158 mm
Weight: 320 kg
Pressing force: max. 55 t at 700 bar
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